Logistics & Services Division

Our Logistics & Services Division offer several cargo management services, such as customs brokerage, freight forwarding, container haulage, bonded warehousing services, and regular warehousing services including frozen, dry, and chilled warehousing.

This Division is comprised of One Ocean Cargo, Sampson’s Transport, JRJ Bonded Warehouse, Little Woods Rentals, Land Ice & Fish and Hexcorp.

Land Ice & Fish provides full support services and products to the longline fishing industry, and facilitates the export of Tuna to the USA; while Hexcorp distributes and exports electrical equipment and supplies covering the Construction, Industrial, and Electric Utility markets across Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

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Our Companies

One Ocean
Sampson’s Transport Company Limited
JRJ Bonded Warehouse Limited
Little Woods
Land Ice & Fish Ltd

Hexcorp LLC

Bonded Warehouse

Save cost with HADCO Group

Are you tired of paying exorbitant fees while your goods are sitting in a port/container? Do not be deterred by high shipping, logistics and clearing costs. Let HADCO Group help with our Customs Bonded Warehousing facility – JRJ Bonded Warehouse.

Economical storage solutions

Shipping costs are a major concern for any importer, and since it is usually more economical to purchase and ship cargo in bulk, companies may purchase more than is necessary at the time to take advantage of the cost savings that may be available by purchasing higher quantities.

JRJ Bonded Warehouse is a subsidiary of HADCO Group that offers our customers bonded storage of their cargo during periods where a sale may not be immediately forthcoming. This allows the customer to allocate their finances more effectively by deferring the need to pay Duties and Taxes at the time of importation.

Cargo intended for re-export can also be stored in our warehouse, thereby eliminating the cost of VAT/Duties/Taxes that are usually payable for cargo consumed locally.

You can save time and money when you store your goods in our bonded area. Our convenient location ensures accessibility, and we guarantee safety and security to all our customers.

Call us today and allow us to help you!

For further information on our rates and services, please contact Stephen Baboolal, Operations Manager, at (868) 640-4197 (office), (868) 640-2594 (fax), (868) 462-8136 (mobile), or email him at Stephen.Baboolal@HadcoLtd.com

Customs Brokerage

First class brokerage services

At HADCO Group, our operations are well-rounded to ensure the very best for you, our valued customers. For this reason, in 2005, our in-house Customs Brokerage Department opened its doors. Located at HADCO Group’s Head Office, Bhagoutie Trace, San Juan, they are responsible for preparing all customs import and export declarations and ensuring the timely clearance of cargo to avoid rent and demurrage fees. Our Customs Brokerage Department works together with our subsidiary Sampson’s Transport Company Limited to ensure that the delivery and pickup of containers are well coordinated to facilitate a smooth flow of operations at the various premises.

An efficient service you can depend on

The main objective of our Customs Brokerage Department is to be continuously efficient and competent in the clearance of cargo. We collaborate as a team to ensure our objectives are met.

For further information, please contact – Reena Samaroo,  Grade III Customs Clerk at (868) 675-7628 Ext. 1344 (office) or (868) 779-4549 (mobile).

Email: Reena.Samaroo@HadcoLtd.com

Safety & Security

At HADCO Group, we guarantee full protection of all our warehousing facilities. Our safety and security procedures are aided by the following:

  • Well-trained security personnel dogs
  • Efficient camera surveillance systems
  • Effective security alarm systems
  • Close proximity to the police station
  • External security measures

Safety and security is a vital aspect of our HSE Management System and we have proudly made a commitment to manage and maintain this system. We are consistent in upholding the proper standards required, so as to provide a better environment not just for us, but for you, our valued customer!