HADCO Group’s latest venture is their foray into the field of regular warehousing.

For over 14 years, HADCO Group has owned and operated JRJ Bonded Warehouse Limited (formerly G & M Warehousing Enterprises Limited), a private Customs-Bonded Warehouse located at the Trincity Industrial Estate, Trincity, which offers Bonded Warehousing to customers who would like to free their capital and manage their cash flow by postponing the payment of VAT and Duties on their cargo.

Having gained the experience and knowledge of warehousing in this area and owning our own warehouses from which we distribute our vast range of food and electrical items, it was a natural progression to offer regular non-bonded warehousing to clients.

When the opportunity arose to convert the former compound of Little Woods Foods Company Limited (a company that was acquired at the end of 2019), it was seen as the perfect opportunity to capitalize on the numerous requests received for regular warehousing.

The spaces offered include shared frozen, chilled, and regular warehousing; and there is a substantial amount of furnished office space on the compound also offered for rent. We have single offices as well as cubicles that are available for rent.

We can store cargo that requires frozen temperatures of up to -23 degrees Celsius and chilled temperatures of 3 to 5 degrees Celsius. General cargo can be stored in the dry warehouses as we can accommodate both palletized and non-palletized cargo.

The compound is located at #1 4th Street West, Five Rivers, Arouca and customers can be assured that their cargo is secure as the warehouse maintains the same high standard of operation for which HADCO Group is well known.

For further information on the spaces available as well as the rates and charges, please contact Stephen Baboolal, Operations Manager, at (868) 640-4197 or (868) 462-8136; or via email at