Food & Beverage

HADCO Group is determined to fulfill the needs of consumers in Trinidad and Tobago by keeping abreast of new and developing trends in consumption and providing both premium and value brands to ensure that our diverse portfolio of products meet with customer satisfaction. 

Wine & Spirits

We aim to build a wine portfolio that represents all the major wine growing regions of the world, reflecting the unique tastes and trends that have developed here in Trinidad & Tobago.

Electrical & Lighting

Since 1992, HADCO Limited has been offering our customers a vast array of high-end products from every corner of the globe. We import goods from the US, UK, Costa Rica, Europe, Far East and the Caribbean. We have everything to suit your needs, from cables to transformers to lighting, and much more. 


We have been manufacturing Happy Time ice cream cones in Trinidad and Tobago since 2003 through our subsidiary Imanex Limited. In 2018 we introduced our own local premium ice cream and novelties which are manufactured by Creamery Novelties Limited.


At HADCO Group we believe that we are all responsible for the planet which our children will inherit. We are happy to do our part to protect and preserve it! This is why we are redoubling efforts to save our environment and tackle the growing waste management crisis in Trinidad and Tobago.

Logistics & Services

HADCO Group offers a multitude of goods and services to suit every need. From Logistics and Warehousing to Exports and Bonding, our range of products and services guarantee our  customers the very best!


HADCO Experiences, a new division of HADCO Group, aims to curate a group of sustainable ecotourism and non-ecotourism ventures in Trinidad and Tobago to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and cultural diversity, and the well-being of local communities. We commit to being authentic in our offerings and encourage all to experience the life of who we are in Trinidad and Tobago.