Food & Beverage Division

Food & Beverage emerged as one of the first two Divisions within HADCO Group at the start of our operations in 1992. In 1995-1997, an increase in demand for imported goods led to the addition of Häagen-Dazs, Yoplait and Chobani brands to our portfolio. Today we continue to exceed our customers’ expectations by ensuring that the widest range of premium and value brand products are always available to meet their evolving tastes. This includes recently added local brands which are in high demand. Our subsidiaries in this division include HADCO, HD Café (Häagen-Dazs Shops), Peppercorns and Mousie’s Ice Cream Parlour. 

We have extensive warehouse facilities to house our dry, chilled, and frozen goods, which feature the following:

  • Allocation of temperature-controlled spaces for food items (dry, refrigerated, and frozen).
  • Dexion shelving, 25 forklifts, and palette jacks.
  • Regular pest control service.
  • Hidden camera systems for security.
  • Temperature control monitors.
  • Backup generators.
  • Land Area: 3 Acres.
  • Covered Warehouse Area: 107,540 square feet.

Our Dry Warehouses occupy 61,894 square feet, while 45,646 is allocated to cold storage with 5 Chillers (11,231 square feet) & 11 Freezers (34,415 square feet). All Chillers and Freezers are equipped with temperature control monitors to ensure that goods are stored at the appropriate temperatures. In the event of an emergency, we have measures in place such as Gen-Set Total Backup Electrical Power and backup generators to mitigate any issues that may arise. In 2022, we officially began operations at a new cold storage rental facility in Cove Eco-Industrial and Business Park Tobago. All frozen and chilled distribution operations which were originally hosted at KELEC Electrical’s facility in Shaw Park will now be carried out from the new rental facility at the Cove.

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Food & Beverage Division
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