Management Team

Meet Our People

HADCO Group of Companies is led by highly driven industry leaders with a passion for building sustainable businesses. The vision, creativity and dedication of our Group co-Chief Executive Officers coupled with a dynamic and experienced Executive Management Team with key strengths in innovation, finance, human resources, information technology, accounting and management has resulted in the continuous evolution and growth of the Group.

Group co-Chief Executive Officers

John Hadad

Group co-Chief Executive Officer

Robert Hadad

Group co-Chief Executive Officer

Joseph Hadad

Group co-Chief Executive Officer

Executive Management

Adelle Pulchan

General Manager – HADCO Limited – Electrical & Lighting Division

Lily Akien

Group Chief Human Resources Officer

Rachel Persad

Group Chief Financial Officer

Reisha Ramcharitar-Rambaran

Group Chief Financial Controller

Sunil Persad

Group Chief Information Officer

Albert Stewart

Project Manager