Our Story

Welcome to HADCO Group

In 1992, HADCO Limited was started by three brothers: John, Robert and Joseph Hadad. At that time, John was working as an Electrical Engineer, Robert as an Accountant, and Joseph was completing his BSc. in Management Studies at the University of the West Indies.

The decision to start the business came after the death of their father as a means of supporting their family. Prior to 1992, the Hadad family was involved in the catering business through their mother, and as a result, HADCO Limited’s venture into the distribution of food and beverage was a natural progression. The focus of the business was the distribution of premium imported brands to satisfy the ever-evolving demands from consumers.

On a trip to Miami to source suppliers, the brothers, now co-CEOs, found an electrical distribution company. They bought some lighting fixtures, and the Electrical Division was born. The Lighting Division soon followed with the acquisition of Lighthouse and the opening of Nova Lighting. These two areas eventually came together, and the Electrical & Lighting Division was created.

Over the years HADCO Limited has grown into HADCO Group of Companies, a thriving modern conglomerate with diversification in the following Divisions: Food & Beverage, Electrical & Lighting, Wine & Spirits, Manufacturing, Recycling, Logistics & Services, and Experiences. Our operations extend to Latin America, the Caribbean Region, Europe and the USA.

Today, John, Robert and Joseph are dedicated to creating a holistic Group to further enhance the quality of products and services available in Trinidad and Tobago. To accomplish this, they will continue to focus on what the company does best, and that is entrepreneurial spirit and continual growthThe goal is to ensure the continued diversification of HADCO Group in a sustainable manner that will provide social and economic benefits to the people of Trinidad & Tobago. 


A diverse and innovative company, empowered employees, integrated processes, and a brand image that makes us the preferred choice of customers.


Enriching our stakeholders’ quality of life, setting trends and providing superior brands and services.

Core Values

Customer Satisfaction
Honesty and Integrity
Employee Well-being and Growth
Collaborative Culture
Respect and Tolerance for All