About Us

Our Story

Since our promising beginning in 1992, our commitment to excellence and passion for success and achievement has led to a distinguished reputation in the corporate sphere. The entrepreneurial vision that sparked the creation of the company has evolved into HADCO Group of Companies.

Meet Our co-CEOs

John, Robert and Joseph are unified in their strategic leadership of HADCO Group. The brothers share a strong bond and understand how each other think and approach situations. Their shared beliefs on what it means to build a sustainable business that contributes to the economic and social benefit of all stakeholders, has resulted in the growing success and continual evolution of HADCO Group of Companies.

Executive Management

Our Executive Management Team comprises of five dedicated, experienced and talented professionals who emulate HADCO Group’s Core Values as they work toward achieving the strategic goals of the Group.

 Social initiatives

Our Social initiatives reflect our commitment to be good Corporate Citizens. We achieve this by promoting the well-being of each employee, investing in sustainable ventures, fostering the growth of our culture, supporting community initiatives and by raising awareness on cancer and healthy living.