Frequently Asked Questions

[toggle title=”1. What is the process for commencing business with HADCO?” hidden=”true”]It’s simple! Just go to our “Contact” page and call, email or visit us today![/toggle]

[toggle title=”2. I’m into health & nutrition. Can you tell me what products you distribute that can be useful in my diet?” hidden=”true”]Well HADCO is into the promotion of healthy living. So we are happy to offer you Yoplait Yogurt, which is at the top of health foods today. Also, you can try Florida’s Natural orange juice or even Breyers – No Sugar Added Ice-cream! Call one of our sales representatives today and find out more about our health products.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”3. I’m a restaurant owner looking to increase my wine portfolio. What can you suggest?” hidden=”true”]Take a look at our wine portfolio that can be found from our Wine & Spirits Division – “Our Wine & Spirits” page. Look at our varieties and determine what you may be interested in. If you want a better appreciation of our portfolio and wines in general, just contact our expert in that area, Mr. Stuart Rochard at 675-7628 Ext. 1521 and I can guarantee he will be able to suggest exactly what you need.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”4. I’m building my house and I know lighting makes a big difference to each room. I need advice on the different types and what will be appropriate for my home. What are my options?” hidden=”true”]You’ve come to the right place. Lighting really does make a big difference. Visit our Lighthouse and Nova Lighting’s website and you’ll see the variety that we offer. You can visit a branch that is closest to you for a more visual appreciation and our well-trained staff will be able to give you advice to suit your needs.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”5. My company is looking for electrical installation but safety in operations is the factor that distinguishes our choice of supplier especially with the OSH Act in place. What is the HADCO Group’s policy on HSSE? What are the HSSE initiatives of HADCO?” hidden=”true”]Safety is our way of life and therefore HADCO is committed to safety in all of our operations. We have developed a Health, Safety, Security and Environment Management System that governs our operations and we continue to ensure our staff is well-trained in all relevant areas. For detailed information on our HSSE policy and initiatives, visit the Health, Safety, Security and Environment Management System (H.S.S.E) page. You can even contact our Electrical Department to give you an insight on how we conduct installations. I hope this is helpful in making your choice.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”6. How do we start purchasing from HADCO?” hidden=”true”]Give us a call at 868-675-7628, send us a fax to 868-675-2641 or just email us at and one of our sales representatives would be happy to assist you![/toggle]

[toggle title=”7. Being a Contractor for an Industrial Plant I’m looking for durability and quality when purchasing materials for my projects. Where can I find information about your brands of industrial electrical and lighting equipment?” hidden=”true”]Just visit the “Brands Represented” page under our Electrical & Lighting Division, where you can find a list of all our top brands or you can contact us and we would be willing to assist you with all your needs.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”8. How will I be able to find specific products or goods?” hidden=”true”]Just visit our Food Division. With our wide array of brands, we are sure there’s something for you![/toggle]

[toggle title=”9. I have my own supermarket and I’m interested in ordering “Happy Time” ice-cream cones. Is there a minimum order amount?” hidden=”true”]Imanex Ltd. distributes to HADCO Limited locally. You have the option to order any quantity at any time of the 4 various sizes. Just contact our Food & Beverage Division and a sales representative will be happy to assist you![/toggle]

[toggle title=”10. How quickly can my ordered goods be delivered?” hidden=”true”]We can have it to you within 24hrs at your convenience. All you have to do is call us! [/toggle]

[toggle title=”11. Who should I call if I have a question regarding an order, cancellation, etc.?” hidden=”true”]You can contact any sales representative of the respective subsidiary company or department within the HADCO Group. With all of your given information, they will be able to track you order and carry out your request both effectively and efficiently.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”12. I’m interested in doing business with your company. Where can I find more details about the range of major projects HADCO has already embarked on?” hidden=”true”]You can visit our Electrical & Lighting Division – “Special Projects” page to get a listing of all our past projects or just contact our Special Projects Department, HADCO Point Lisas Operations or HADCO Lighting Department for any further details.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”13. What is a Bonded Warehouse?” hidden=”true”]A Bonded Warehouse is a customs supervised warehouse where goods are stored “in bond” until released by Trinidad & Tobago Customs. This means that the goods can be moved across the border or through an airport without being customs cleared, but remain under customs control.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”14. What are the benefits of storing my goods in HADCO’s Customs Bonded Warehouses?” hidden=”true”]Having your shipment being stored in our bonded warehouse, we give our customers, the ability to export/transship and resell your products to other countries without paying any duties whatsoever. Therefore you save both time and money![/toggle]

[toggle title=”15. Where are these warehouses located?” hidden=”true”]Our customs bonded warehouse is presently located at G&M Warehousing Enterprises Limited, 33 Tissue Drive, Trincity Industrial Estate. For more information, you can contact Shazaad Mohammed, General Manager at 640-7615/4197 or email him at[/toggle]

[toggle title=”16. Do you have products that are not listed on your web site?” hidden=”true”]Yes! We have numerous products which you can get details about by contacting our Electrical & Lighting Division or visiting our Lighthouse Ltd. and Nova Lighting showrooms.[/toggle]