[yellow tail] Winery

The [yellow tail] winery was founded by the Casella Family. They have been producing wines since the 1820’s in Italy, however in 1957, the family, headed by Fillippo Casella and his wife, Maria moved to Australia for a better life. The Casella Family and the [yellow tail] winery are based in Yenda Australia, which has a population of approximately 1000 people. [yellow tail] was developed in 2001 and was originally marketed for exportation. The sales forecast for the first year was 25,000 cases but actual sales were over 1,000,000. The wines became the number one imported wine to the United States by 2003. In that time the family-owned winery expanded 10 times its original size. With more than 7.5 million cases sold in the United States in 2005, [yellow tail] is now available in over 50 countries around the world with annual sales in excess of 12 million. From humble beginnings [yellow tail] has become Australia’s greatest export wine.

For more information, visit www.yellowtailwine.com.