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Trapiche is one of Argentina’s long-established wineries, founded in 1883 in a small vineyard called El Trapiche, in the district of Godoy Cruz, Mendoza, where the grapes for the first fine wines were grown. The only winery awarded four times as the “Argentinian Wine Producer of the Year” also won the “World’s Best Producer of the Year” in 2012. With more than 130 years of experience, Trapiche has earned its place as a pioneering brand in the introduction of French vines, the production of varietal wines, the import of French oak barrels and the use of stainless steel tanks. Their pioneering and innovative spirit has made Trapiche Argentina’s leading brand, boasting the strongest presence globally. Their knowledge and experience over the years in terms of viticulture, has evolved into an extraordinary and unique range of high quality varietals, branding Trapiche the foremost influence in Argentina’s winegrowing and winemaking industry. Through this wide and diverse portfolio, Trapiche offers the world the best option for every occasion, ensuring “over delivery” at every price.

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