Santa Rita Winery

Santa Rita

Santa Rita´s fertile lands rightly rank among the company´s most valuable assets. Carefully selected, Santa Rita´s vineyards are located in the best Chilean wine growing lands with the aim to achieve the best quality wine that Chile can produce.

Domingo Fernández Concha founded the Viña Santa Rita cellars in 1880. French technology was imported for their construction. The company currently has a total of four cellars for the wine producing process located in Alto Jahuel, Los Lirios, Palmilla and Lontué. French and American oak barrels are used in the aging cellars, where wine acquires complexity and body, with a woody flavour and a soft and delicate aroma. One of Chile’s oldest aging cellars is located in Alto Jahuel (Buin.) Viña Santa Rita’s best wines, like Casa Real and Medalla Real Cabernet Sauvignon for export are aged in the cave of this storehouse. This cellar was built with stone masonry by French architects and has been declared a National Monument.

Santa Rita plays a leading role in the Chilean wine industry, combining modern technology throughout its winemaking, a large installed capacity for aging wine and the expertise mastered through years of wine producing. In the past few years, Santa Rita has invested in new technology, such as the latest horizontal pneumatic press technology, stainless steel vats, with temperature control systems and spira-flow equipment to control grape temperature before fermentation. These innovations have propelled Santa Rita to the forefront in top class wine production, receiving international recognition for the quality of its wines.

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