Ponche Kuba

Ponche Kuba

Throughout the Caribbean and Latin America countries, ‘Ponche’ is well-known and often homemade. Each family has its own special variation of the recipe which can be served on any occasion. The recipes have been handed down from generation to generation, becoming entwined with the history of the families of the islands.

In 1942, Don Jaime A. J. Sprock, a Caribbean merchant, ventured to Cuba where he sampled and collected a wide variety of homemade Caribbean cream liqueurs, called ‘Ponche’. From these tastings and after much research, he combined the most authentic Caribbean ingredients into one recipe which he called ‘Ponche Kuba’.


Ponche Kuba is a 9% distilled spirit specialty cream with a rum base and light spices. It is creamy in appearance with delicate, sweet flavors and a lightly spiced aroma. Ponche Kuba is rich, sweet and exceptionally smooth. Ponche Kuba can be enjoyed chilled, neat or over ice. The addition of cognac, brandy or rum makes Ponche Kuba a robust tasting drink.

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