Monkey Shoulder

Monkey Shoulder

The unusual name ‘Monkey Shoulder’ harks back to whisky-making heritage. Years ago, distillery workers would shovel tons of malting barley hour after hour for long shifts. This hard work would sometimes cause their arm to hang down, a bit like a chimpanzee’s. The men called this temporary affliction ‘monkey shoulder’ and so we named the whisky in their honor and their hard graft.


  • Monkey Shoulder is a blend of 3 of Speyside’s Finest Single Malts
  • Originally created by legendary Malt Master, David Stewart, Monkey Shoulder is an award winning liquid (Gold at 2011 IWSC) produced by an award winning distiller (2011 IWSC Distiller of the Year)


Monkey Shoulder is made from 100% malt, with not a drop of grain added, and aged exclusively in first fill Bourbon barrels for exceptional smoothness.


Monkey Shoulder is an authentic triple malt that you can have fun with and drink as you want – it allows people to enjoy Scotch without having or worry about learning the rules and traditions that can be off-putting for non-whisky drinkers.

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