Cointreau – The Original Triple Sec

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In 1875, Edouard Cointreau created « Triple Sec », a new brand which was an orange liqueur 3 times (« triple ») more concentrated in essentials oils of orange than the Curaçao (another orange liqueur, very popular at that time), and dryer (« sec »). The name of the brand, « Triple Sec », could not be copyrighted since it was the alliance of 2 common names.

At the beginning of the new century, the Cointreau Frères Company decided to give a new name to its brand: just Cointreau, to avoid being considered as what became a generic triple sec. But Cointreau decided to keep the name Triple Sec on the label, not as a brand name, but to remind people who created it. In the 1960’s, Cointreau suppressed definitively the mention « Triple Sec » to be just « Cointreau ».

Cointreau is an orange liqueur made with natural sweet and bitter orange peels and is a liqueur with the highest concentration in essential orange oils. This makes Cointreau the most aromatic orange liqueur.


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