In a world filled with a myriad of mediocre, mundane and wholly unremarkable things – patternless wallpapers, sentence diagrams and humdrum gins come to mind – Hendrick’s exists as a shining beacon of unusualness.

Iconoclastically produced, our small-batch gin is distilled in Ayrshire, Scotland, where one would least expect a gin to be found. Our unusual distillation process combined with our oddly delicious set of infusions of rose petal and cucumber yields a one-of-a-kind gin that is passionately loved by a tiny, yet growing, handful of individuals all over the world. Handmade in tiny batches, our tender approach is what makes Hendrick’s so divine.

As many a gin drinker has been known to say, no other gin tastes like Hendrick’s because no other gin is made like Hendrick’s.


Curiously smooth with superb balance of botanicals, Hendrick’s is sublimely clean and dry, yet the marvelous complexity of the nose comes through in the taste. Take note of the citrus and juniper with a subtle, supernaturally pleasurable lingering finish of cool refreshing cucumber and rose.


Not since the mid-19th century and the beginning of gentrified gin, with the creation of the unsweetened “London” variety, has there been quite such a stir amongst tipplers of this wonderful beverage. Since Hendrick’s first went on sale, it has scooped a number of prestigious awards and accolades including:
• 2009 Distiller of the Year Award – Wine Enthusiast
• “World’s Best Gin” – Wall Street Journal
• “One of the Most Influential Spirits Brands Introduced in the Last Ten Years” – Wine Enthusiast, 2005
• “Regarded as One of the Top Ten Most Influential Spirits Brands in the Last 25 Years” – Wine and Spirit Magazine, 2008
• 2004 Double Gold Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition
• 2003 “Gin of the Year” – Food and Wine Magazine Awards
• 2003/2000 Gold Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition


• Made in Scotland by hand, in small batches with infusions of cucumber and rose petal
• Most unusual packaging in a Victorian apothecary style bottle
• A luxury gin distilled by multiple award winning family distillers, William Grant & Sons

For more information, visit www.hendricksgin.com.