Banrock Station



Banrock Station is a historical 4,200 acre property at the junction of Banrock Creek and the Murray River in South Australia’s Riverland region. 600 acres are devoted to the premium grape varieties Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay. Renowned for crafting flavoursome, full bodied wines, Banrock Station is carefully restoring the wetlands on the property, and is also involved in preserving nature reserves. The remaining land has been returned to its natural state, including 7.5 miles of river frontage and adjoining wetland and floodplain of over 1,000 acres.

In the Riverland region of South Australia abundant sunshine dominates, giving the grapes the opportunity to achieve maximum ripeness, and resulting in generous full-flavoured wine styles. These wines are easy-drinking, rich Australian-style wines that can be enjoyed when still relatively young. The climate and deep soils allow the wine world’s classic grape varieties to thrive.

The vineyard is a vital link between the surrounding native vegetation and wetlands. Importantly, Banrock Station makes certain that viticultural practices have no harmful impact on the natural environment.

Banrock Station’s flavoursome, easy-drinking wines appeal to palates the world over. Each one of them comes with the added satisfaction of helping Banrock Station help the earth. With consistent quality and value for money, Banrock Station typifies what the world loves about Australian wines: bold, generous and full of flavour with true varietal integrity.

With every Banrock Station wine sold they contribute to global conservation. It has been a key part of their philosophy since inception in 1995. Banrock Station wines are enjoyed around the world, allowing donations from the brand to support over 95 projects in 13 countries. Banrock Station strives for greater environmental responsibility with the packaging and use of sustainable techniques in the vineyard and winery. With every glass you enjoy you help Banrock Station help the Earth.

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