Export Services

Caribbean Reach

HADCO Group offers export services regionally to our Caribbean neighbours, providing them with electrical & lighting and food & beverage products.

Supplying all your electrical needs

Our Electrical & Lighting Export Department operates out of our Point Lisas Branch, supplying our markets with all their electrical & lighting needs. HADCO Limited offers direct sailings from our North American suppliers straight to our customers, saving them time and freight costs.

Always Happy Time with HADCO Group

Imanex Ltd, one of our subsidiary companies, is the local manufacturer and distributor of Happy Time ice cream cones. The brand has developed a sound regional presence and can be found in many English-speaking islands in the Caribbean like Barbados, St. Lucia, Grenada, Dominica and Antigua

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For Electrical & Lighting Export contact – Adelle Pulchan, General Manager, Electrical & Lighting Division at (868) 636-4369 Ext. 1650 (office),  (868) 681-6808 (mobile).

Email: Adelle.Pulchan@HadcoLtd.com

For Happy Time contact – Adanna Taylor, Export Manager at (868) 675-7628 Ext. 1246 (office)

Email: Adanna.Taylor@HadcoLtd.com

Shazaad Mohammed, General Manager, at (868) 675-7628 Ext. 1340 (office) or (868) 740-0973 (mobile).

Email: Shazaad.Mohammed@HadcoLtd.com