Bonded Warehouse

Save cost with HADCO Group

Are you tired of sky-high fees while your goods are sitting in a port/container? HADCO Group can help with our Customs Bonded Warehousing facility – JRJ Bonded Warehouse.

Economical storage solutions

JRJ Bonded Warehouse is a subsidiary of HADCO Group that offers our customers storage of their goods/shipments without the heavy duties normally attached. You can save time and money when you store your goods in our bonded area. Our customers are able to export/transship/resell their products to other countries without paying any duties whatsoever. Our convenient location ensures accessibility and we guarantee safety and security to all our customers.

Call us today and allow us to help you!

Varisha Rambaran, General Manager, at (868) 640-4197 (office), (868) 640-2594 (fax), (868) 794-1780 (mobile).