Like most great ideas, the origin of the LACTAID® Brand was the result of a singular inspiration. When the son of a dairy owner discovered that people with dairy sensitivity to lactose were not able to enjoy the delicious and healthy dairy products that his family’s farm produced, he wondered what could be done to help.

LACTAID® Brand introduced lactase enzyme products to help people manage lactose intolerance in the 1970s. The decades of the 1980s and 1990s brought groundbreaking products like LACTAID® Tablets and LACTAID® 100% Lactose Free Milk.

In more recent years, they created products like LACTAID® Fast Act Caplets and have grown LACTAID® Dairy Products with the addition of ice cream, cottage cheese, chocolate milk and eggnog.

After all these years, it’s little wonder that they have become their nation’s #1 lactose-free dairy brand, one that’s trusted and enjoyed by so many.

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