EMBORG has been distributed by HADCO LTD. for the past 10years and continues to be an established household name. In Trinidad & Tobago EMBORG can be seen across the seafood, dairy, and vegetables categories. EMBORG is definitely 1 of the 2 top brands in the frozen vegetable category and the only brand that carries such a wide range of specialty cheeses.

Quality is the key to the success of the EMBORG brand. All products come from chosen quality producers worldwide, and meet international standards with regards to food products.


Bring the real taste home

A tasteful meal starts with natural ingredients.

We hand-pick the EMBORG products from where they have the best conditions.

With expertise and passion, we make sure that our quality meets your requirements for real taste.

Please enjoy …

Emborg Butter
Cheese Bites
Emborg feta in oil with herbs and olives
Embrog Whipping Cream
Peas & Carrots
Calamari Rings

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