Buckhead Beef

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Buckhead Beef was established in 1983, with a handful of devoted employees and a very simple operating philosophy: to provide the finest quality products at the best prices. As one of the largest privately owned meat purveyors in the United States, Buckhead Beef the Sysco family of operating companies on August 20, 1999 as a Specialty Meat Company. Operated in a cost efficient manner,
Buckhead Beef and Sysco are committed to providing exemplary service and maximizing customer satisfaction. Sysco Corporation has introduced the Buckhead Beef brand as the preeminent cut steak brand found in traditional operating companies east of the Rockies.

In addition to processing over 15 million pounds of cut steaks and ground beef annually, Buckhead Beef of Florida established in 2004, currently stocks one of the largest inventories of Dry Aged, USDA Prime and premium branded beef in the United States. Breed and geographic oriented sourcing, packer level alliances, and state-of-the-art aging/cutting capabilities raise industry standards and strengthen Buckhead Beef’s position as North America’s leading protein supplier. Buckhead Beef of Florida is responsible for the meat procurement and premium cut steaks of Sysco operating companies throughout Florida. Synonymous with quality, thousands of operators throughout Florida and the Caribbean have taken advantage of the quality and consistency associated with the Buckhead Beef brand.


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For more information, visit www.buckheadbeef.com.