Point Lisas Operations

Point Lisas

Our Electrical & Lighting Division at the Point Lisas Industrial Estate continues to be a resounding success since its inception in September 2003. The aim is to provide a wide range of superior products, while increasing efficiency and prompt service to our customers in the Industrial Estate and within the Oil and Gas sectors. Upstream oil and gas projects are also serviced from this location with a strong emphasis placed on targeting new industrial construction projects.

Our customer base has extended regionally as we have been successful in maintaining good business relations with our offer of direct sailings from our North American suppliers. Export is now conducted primarily through our HEXCORP Miami Operations. At Point Lisas we also accommodate retail sales as well as sales to our local Transmission and Distribution Company, T&TEC.

In 2013 we moved to our very own facility at Greenland Drive. With approximately 12,000 square feet of well stocked warehousing space, we ensure a broad spectrum of electrical and lighting products for industrial, commercial and domestic use. We provide onsite consultations supported by HADCO Limited’s highly proficient engineering and technical team and we assure you expert service and solutions to meet your every need. With an effective HSE Management System in place, we ensure that SAFETY IS FIRST IN ALL OF OUR OPERATIONS!


    • Atlantic TROC Project – through Massy Wood Group and Atlantic directly
    • Atlantic LNG
    • AUM Projects – contracted to PROMAN
    • BGCC—British Gas Carapal Ridge Central Block
    • BG Beachfield Project
    • BHP Billiton
    • BPTT Amherstia Platform TAP Project – through Worley Parsons
    • BPTT Juniper Platform – through TOFCO
    • BPTT TROC Project – through Worley Parsons
    • NGC NEO Tobago Project
    • NGC Phoenix Park Valve Station
    • NUTRIEN (PCS Nitrogen)
    • PETROTRIN Refinery Upgrades
    • PROMAN – Denovo Gas Facility
    • Trinmar
    • World GTL (Gas to Liquids) Plant