BTicino is an international brand distributed in more than sixty (60) countries around the world. They have a number of plants and production facilities in Italy and abroad. BTicino became a part of the Legrand Group in 1989. In doing so Legrand was given a brand name that represents, at an international level, the best traditions in Italian design and production.

Founded shortly after the Second World War, in a climate of fervent industrial expansion, BTicino was the first Italian manufacturer to address the challenge of producing electrical components with a modern design; an attitude that is expressed not only by the substantial innovations that have been made in technology and production process automation, but also in the company’s care and attention towards the specific problems of contemporary household needs and uses.

Through further study of form, materials, and colour, these factors have brought us towards a new conception of design. At BTicino design is not just a decorative tool, it is the ability to participate in projects and create innovative solutions, with the capacity to positively impact on life and work. This principle has led to the frequent renewal of the product range (20% a year), and in particular, the creation and introduction of new technology for consumers. Domotics is an important part of these developments and will continue to advance over the next few years.

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