Little Woods Rentals

HADCO Group’s latest venture is the field of non-bonded warehousing.

For over a decade, HADCO Group has owned and operated JRJ Bonded Warehouse Limited (formerly G&M Warehousing Enterprises Limited), a private Customs-Bonded Warehouse in Trincity Industrial Estate, Trincity, which offers Bonded Warehousing to customers.

Having gained the experience and knowledge of warehousing in this area and owning our own warehouses, it was a natural progression to offer non-bonded warehousing to clients.

The spaces available include:

  • Frozen warehousing – for cargo that requires frozen temperatures of -18 °C
  • Chilled warehousing – for cargo that requires chilled temperatures of 3-5°C
  • Regular warehousing – for dry cargo. We can accommodate both palletised and non-palletised cargo

There is also a substantial amount of furnished office space on the compound.

Customers can rest assured that their goods are secure as the warehouse maintains the high standard of operation for which HADCO Group is well known.

The compound is located at #1 4th Street West, Five Rivers, Arouca

For further information please contact Varisha Rambaran at:

(686) 640-4197
(868) 794-1780