Caribbean LED Lighting



Caribbean LED Lighting was founded in August 2011 and became a subsidiary of HADCO Group in 2018. Headquartered in Barbados, we are a major player and the fastest growing manufacturer of commercial, industrial and residential LED Lighting in the Caribbean. We export to more than 18 countries across the Caribbean and Central America. Our operations extend to St. Lucia and distribution channels are rooted in Suriname, Guyana, Antigua, St. Vincent, St. Kitts & Nevis, Grenada and Dominica.

Our passion for LED lighting and environmental sustainability, led us to form strategic partnerships with international lighting companies such as LED Roadway Lighting (a Canadian owned technology company which focuses on street lighting and adaptive controls); and Trilliant, (a networking company which builds technologies and smart cities). CLL’s objective is to promote the use of energy efficiency lighting technology while contributing to the reduction of our carbon footprint within the region.

Our product range includes LED alternatives for any indoor or outdoor application. We provide LED tubes, bulbs, troffers, flat-panels, downlights, LED strips, wall washers, floodlights, table and reading lamps, landscape lighting, decorative lighting, RGB controllers, home automation controllers, modules, power supplies, street lamps, laser lights and much more.

For further information on our products and services please contact us via:

Unit 1, Dega Complex, Lower Estate, St. Michael, Barbados, BB19187

(246) 621-0092

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