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Caribbean Battery Recycling Limited (CBR) was started in April 2006 and joined the HADCO Group in August 2020, to address environmental contamination caused by discarded scrap lead acid batteries. The company collects these batteries regionally from landfills, automotive, industrial, marine, telecommunications, commercial and residential customers, and other smaller battery collection operations. They provide the efficient handling and proper disposal of used/expired batteries in a controlled and regulated facility to prevent environmental contamination and human exposure.

At the end of its life lead acid batteries are classified as hazardous waste and can become a major ecological concern if landfilled or disposed of incorrectly. The extremely toxic chemicals can cause soil and water pollution, food contamination and endanger wildlife.

At this point in time CBR is legally allowed to export these batteries to smelters where they are dismantled and drained and go through a meticulous recycling process. CBR aims to decrease the negative environmental impact of these contaminants in our country.

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